Although wicked people know how to expertly play out their emotions at the proper time to win you over, they are still easy to spot if you pay close attention to a few little details. These people are vulnerable to manipulation and tricks and lack real feelings.

1. They deny the reality and convince you of their distorted perception. These people live in a kind of eternal denial, as if they see reality differently. They cannot accept the existing situation and disagree with practically all other viewpoints.

They consistently respond and only highlight the bad aspects of the totality. Instead, good people tend to focus entirely on the positive and draw attention to it, regardless of how minor it may be in comparison to the negative.

2. They distort the truth. A bad individual has a tendency to do this. They manipulate things in order to highlight the worst aspects of everything. They skillfully employ tactics, hide the whole truth, and present only a portion of the facts that look genuine enough to sound true in an effort to discredit the object or the person at any cost. In that way, they can cause conflict between two people and even separate them.

3. They withhold crucial information. When a bad person discovers something crucial, they will withhold it from others in order to stop them in some way or to feel superior to others by recognizing that they have knowledge that others do not.

They will claim ignorance of the facts or choose to remain silent, especially if the information may benefit or hurt others in any manner.

4. They mislead others. A cruel person twists the truth by leading others to believe false information. They gain control over the situation and over other people. Even if the situation is already terrible, they will present it even worse.

5. They consistently tell lies. They tell lies so frequently that people start to believe them. A psychological liar who manipulates the emotions and lives of others would lie about minor things since that is what he is accustomed to doing.

For instance, if the individual is wealthy but stingy, he or she would frequently complain that is broke in an effort to get material assistance from you. Whether it is a luxury or not, he or she will lie about obtaining the things they purchase as gifts or alms, and they will exaggerate the facts to make you feel bad for them.

6. They don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. They rarely accept accountability for their actions. They will hunt for methods to get away with it even if they are “caught in the act,” and they will undoubtedly find someone to blame.

Everyone “always places the blame on them” and they say that they are never at fault. While being conscious of this, they commonly pass this tendency on to the person they have hurt, which is generally their spouse. Therefore, they want to appear as though they are saints and their spouse is a master manipulator in front of other people.

7. They manipulate others. A cruel person is a superb manipulator. For them, people are not important at all, they use them for their own purposes, benefiting and harming others. They don’t follow any rules, and they’ll do anything—literally anything—to accomplish their objective.