This is a very tasty cake that does not require baking or prolonged cooking. All you have to do is prepare the biscuits and milk mixture, then arrange a few biscuits on a springform pan and fill the cake. Finally, the cake is decorated with a thin but very tasty layer of chocolate and toasted peanuts. Try this recipe, which will not disappoint you. Here’s what you need:

REQUIRED INGREDIENTS: 600 g biscuits (3 regular cups), 120 g sugar (less than a 1/2 cup), 250 ml milk (1 1/2 cup), 10 g vanilla sugar, 150 g butter (2/3 cup), and 60 g cocoa powder (8.1 tbsp). FOR THE GLAZING: 100 g of chocolate, 10 g of oil, and 60 g of peanuts

Preparation: Prepare a springform pan 15×20 cm or 6×8″ (you can use a pan with similar dimensions). First, prepare the cream, which needs to cool a little before you start layering the cake. In a small pot, pour 1 1/2 cups of milk and add 120 g of sugar and 10 g of vanilla sugar.

Stir briefly with a whisk to dissolve the sugar, then place the pot on the stove, which should be set to medium heat. Add 60 g of cocoa powder to the heated milk and whisk rapidly to break up any lumps that may have formed.

You’ll notice that the cream has begun to thicken as the milk begins to boil. Start stirring constantly until you get the desired consistency. After that, set aside the chocolate cream and stir in 150 g of butter. Mix until the cream and butter have melted together.

Set the cream aside to cool briefly, and in the meantime, prepare the biscuits. From the total amount of 600 g of biscuits, set aside 100 g and put the remaining 500 g in a deeper bowl. Break the biscuits by hand into medium pieces, but do not break them too finely.

Then, transfer the biscuits to a regular or zip-lock bag and roll over the bag with a rolling pin several times with slight pressure (the biscuits should not be grounded). It is necessary that some pieces remain larger and some smaller so that the cake will have a decorative look.

Return the biscuits prepared in this way to the bowl where you crushed them and cover them with the cooled chocolate cream. Mix until a thick mixture is formed or until the cream has been absorbed by the biscuits. Divide the mixture in half.

You will need nine biscuits in one row for a pan this size, and the cake is made up of two rows of biscuits (the remaining 100 g). Pour half of the initial mixture as a basis and spread well, so the surface of the pan is evened.

Arrange the first row of biscuits on top, which do not need to be soaked in milk. Then pour the remaining half of the chocolate mixture and flatten the surface again. Arrange the second row of biscuits and press lightly with your fingers on the biscuits.

For the glaze, finely chop the chocolate, briefly toast the peanuts beforehand, and cut them thinly. Melt the chocolate with a little oil in the microwave. Then combine the finely and coarsely chopped nuts of your choice with the glaze before pouring it over the biscuits.

Spread evenly. Leave the cake in the fridge for at least an hour to set, then remove the ring (or foil) and serve in slices of the size you like. See the details HERE.